Discover the world's leading gold producers dominating the global market

FILE PHOTO: Gold bars are pictured at the plant of gold and silver refiner and bar manufacturer Argor-Heraeus in Mendrisio, Switzerland, July 13, 2022. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse//File Photo

Gold mining is a thriving business on the global front with countries constantly making an effort to outdo each other as influential producers of one of the rarest minerals on earth.

Here are the countries worldwide on the rankings as the largest gold producers.


China’s gold influence is known globally. The country’s gold mining industry has made it a world leader in gold production, having overtaken South Africa in 2007. According to the World Gold Council, China has been the largest gold producer in the world for years in succession. The country has several big mines, with Shaxi Copper Mine, located in the province of Anhui being the largest gold mine as of 2022, based on production. The mine site is said to have produced an estimated 9,58,740 ounces of gold that year alone. China was producing 375.0 metric tonnes of gold per data provided by the World Gold Council as of 2022.


Russia is next. The country is known for its gold production, producing about 8% of gold globally. Polyus was the largest gold mining company in Russia in 2021, having produced approximately 84.5 metric tonnes of gold. Russia produces 324.7 metric tonnes of gold per data provided by the World Gold Council.


Australia is the third largest global producer of gold, producing 327.8 tonnes of gold. The country has rich mineral resources and an advanced mining industry with leading mining companies in Australia including Newmont, Newcrest Mining, Northern Star Resources, and Evolution Mining. The country’s gold fortunes are expected to reach 320 metric tonnes by 2023, according to Statista.


Canada is ranked as the fourth largest gold producer worldwide and 7th in terms of gold reserves as of 2022. According to Statista, Ontario was the largest producer of gold in Canada in 2022, having produced roughly 93,168 kilograms of gold that year. The World Gold Council puts Canada’s most recent gold production capacity at 194.5 metric tonnes.

United States

The United States has its biggest gold produce coming from the state of Nevada. As a net exporter of gold, the U.S. produces 172.7 metric tonnes of gold. The European country is however experiencing a decline in production that began in 2019.


Ghana has made a name as the only African country with the largest gold production record. With more than 32% increase in gold production, the West African country has won the first spot from South Africa as the leading gold producer in Africa. Ghana’s gold production is both in the small- and large-scale sectors, producing 127.0 tonnes of gold as of 2022 figures. The country has also become a gold exploration for many countries.


Gold mining has been a significant industry in Peru for years, and the country's rich mineral reserves contribute to its growth and ranking in global gold production. The country produces 125.7 metric tonnes of gold. In 2022, Compañia Minera Poderosa S.A. was the leading gold mine producer in Peru, accounting for 9.7 percent of the country's total production.


Gold mining in Indonesia is concentrated in various regions across the archipelago, with key mining areas including Papua, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, and Sumatra. The World Gold Council puts the country’s gold production at 124.9 metric tonnes as of 2022. But Statista pegs the country’s gold production at 110 metric tonnes as of 2023.


Mexico boasts of being one of the biggest industrial gold mines in the world. As a significant player in the global mining industry, the Latin American country is ranked as the 9th largest by the World Gold Council with gold production records of 124.0 metric tonnes.


Uzbekistan is rich in gold, producing 110.8 metric tonnes of gold. Muruntau, the world’s largest open-pit gold mine by area is located in the country. Uzbekistan positioned itself as a significant player in the global gold market, contributing 100 tonnes to the over 3,000 tonnes of gold produced worldwide in 2023, as per the data released by the US Geological Survey.

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