The top 75 most influential sports personalities on Instagram in Latin America. Part 1 (1-25)

Henry Martin, Ciro “El Búho” Cairo and Julia Giannella are among our top 1-25.
Source: Instagram accounts

At Global South World, we have created a list of the 75 most influential sports personalities on Instagram in Latin America.

With the help of Hypeauditor, an AI-powered influencer marketing platform, we have built a ranking based on the Audience Quality Score (AQS). This score, which ranges from 1 to 100, is calculated by measuring four factors: engagement rate, audience quality, follower and following growth, and engagement authenticity. For more details about our methodology, check the bottom of the article.

This is the third article in a three-part series. Click here to read the first part, and click here to read the second one.

Here are our top 1-25.

25. Bernardo Cacella (Brazil)

Bernardo Cacella
Source: Bernardo Cacella's Instagram account

Bernardo Cacella, who comes from a family of influencers, is not only a social media star but also an aspiring youth soccer player. He is a member of Boavista F.C.'s youth division, where he works on developing his skills and pursuing his dream of becoming a professional footballer.

Check out his Instagram profile.

24. Marcos (Brazil)

Marcos Roberto Silveira dos Reis
Source: Marcos' Instagram account

Marcos Roberto Silveira dos Reis, known as Marcos, is a retired Brazilian professional footballer celebrated for his outstanding journey as a goalkeeper.

He dedicated his entire career to the Brazilian team Palmeiras and became one of the most beloved figures in both the club's and the country's football history.

Marcos also served as the starting goalkeeper for Brazil's national team that won the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

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23. Mercedes Roa (Mexico)

Mercedes Roa
Source: Mercedes Roa's Instagram account

Mercedes Roa is a content creator, an athlete, and a fan of the Argentine football club Boca Juniors. 

Passionate about football from a young age, the Mexican influencer now showcases her talent for football tricks on her social media platforms, performing dribbles, nutmegs, and other skills. 

She is also the president of Club de Cuervos in the Américas Kings League, a team inspired by the famous Netflix series of the same name. She has also collaborated with football stars, such as Chicharito Hernández and Gerard Piqué.

Check out her Instagram profile.

22. Arturo Vidal (Chile)

Arturo Vidal
Source: Arturo Vidal's Instagram account

Arturo Vidal Pardo is a prominent Chilean professional footballer, currently playing as a midfielder for the Chilean team Colo-Colo and the national team. 

Vidal began his career at Colo-Colo before moving to Europe, where he played for prestigious clubs such as Juventus and Barcelona. He was included in UEFA's ten-man shortlist for the best player in Europe award in 2015.

Vidal has been a key player for the Chilean national team, participating in multiple Copa América tournaments and helping Chile secure consecutive titles in 2015 and 2016. He also competed in the 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cup tournaments.

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21. Diego Ribas (Brazil)

Diego Ribas da Cunha
Source: Diego Ribas' Instagram account

Diego Ribas is a Brazilian former professional footballer celebrated for his career as a midfielder. 

He started his journey with the Brazilian team Santos and he later ventured to Europe where he played for renowned clubs such as Porto and Atlético Madrid.

Ribas concluded his career at Flamengo and became one of the team's greatest football icons. He also represented Brazil in numerous tournaments and played a pivotal role in many of the country's triumphs, such as the Copa América in 2004 and 2007.

He is now a commentator for TV Globo and the host of the podcast "10 & Faixa”.

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20. Julia Giannella (Brazil)

Julia Giannella
Source: Julia Giannella's Instagram account

Julia Giannella is a well-known Brazilian athlete and content creator who has made a name for herself in the world of fitness and lifestyle. 

On her social media platforms, she showcases her passion for various sports, including surfing, boxing, running, and marathons.

Check out her Instagram profile.

19. La Plaga (Colombia)

La Plaga
Source: La Plaga's Instagram account

Thomas Suarez, better known as La Plaga, is a fervent enthusiast of bike stunts from Medellín.

He dedicates himself to mastering and showcasing new extreme tricks to his audience across social media platforms such as Instagram and his YouTube channel.

Check out his Instagram profile.

18. Xurras Da Jogada (Brazil)

Xurras Da Jogada
Source: Xurras Da Jogada's Instagram account

Gabriel Luiz Andrade, better known as Xurrasco 021, has recently become an internet sensation. At only 17 years old, he gained fame through a TikTok dance that even caught Neymar's attention. 

But Xurrasco’s real dream is to make it big in professional football. He has already demonstrated his skills as a defender and was one of the highlights of the Viegas team from Senador Camará during the 2022 Taça das Favelas tournament. 

Check out his Instagram profile.

17. Joel Jota (Brazil)

Joel Jota
Source: Joel Jota's Instagram account

Joel Jota is a multifaceted Brazilian entrepreneur known for his expertise in high-performance training, best-selling books, investments, and his career in sports. 

His journey began as a professional athlete with the Brazilian national swimming team, where he achieved numerous national championships both as an athlete and a coach.

Today, Jota is a prominent content creator and motivational speaker.

Check out his Instagram profile.

16. Gabriel Omar Batistuta (Argentina)

Gabriel Omar Batistuta
Source: Gabriel Omar Batistuta's Instagram account

Gabriel Omar Batistuta, also known as Batigol and El Ángel Gabriel, is an Argentine former professional footballer widely regarded as one of the greatest strikers of all time.

Batistuta began his career in Argentina with Newell's Old Boys, River Plate, and Boca Juniors. He is most famous for his time with Fiorentina in Italy, where he became the team's all-time top scorer in Serie A. Batigol also played for Roma, Inter Milan, and Al-Arabi in Qatar.

On the international stage, Batistuta was Argentina's all-time leading goalscorer until Lionel Messi surpassed him. He achieved many victories with the national team, including two Copa América titles in 1991 and 1993.

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15. Henry Martín (Mexico)

Henry Martin
Source: Henry Martin's Instagram account

Henry Martín is a professional footballer who plays as a striker for Liga MX club América and Mexico's national team. 

He has become a key player for the club and has broken into the top ten of América's all-time top scorers.

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14. Eduardo Rodrigues Pereira (Brazil)

olha e faz pose pra foto   @jeffersonphotooficial .#futebol #explorar (1)

Eduardo Rodrigues Pereira, known by his online nickname Dudufootz, is a prominent influencer, YouTuber, and creator of football-focused content. 

Passionate about the sport and a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, Dudufootz shares videos and sketches depicting situations on the pitch that any football fan and player would identify with.

Check out his Instagram profile.

13. Vitor Lo (Brazil)

Vitor Lo
Source: Vitor Lo's Instagram account

Vitor Lo is a social media star and football player who shares his matches and training sessions on his Instagram channel. 

He is a member of the YouTube channel "Banheiristas", known for its football challenges, entertaining videos, and illustrious guests.

Check out his Instagram profile.

12. Adriano Imperador (Brazil)

Adriano Imperador
Source: Adriano's Instagram account

Adriano Leite Ribeiro, known simply as Adriano, left an enduring legacy in football with his formidable left-footed finishing. 

Nicknamed L'Imperador ("the Emperor"), he began his journey in Brazil with Flamengo and was once considered the successor to Ronaldo. His career took off at Parma and Inter Milan, where he became recognised as one of the best strikers in the world. His stellar performances earned him a place in the Top 10 of the Ballon d'Or rankings in both 2004 and 2005, as well as the prestigious IFFHS World's Top Goal Scorer award in 2005.

Adriano also distinguished himself as a key figure in Brazil's successes, leading the team to triumphs in both the 2004 Copa América and the 2005 FIFA Confederations Cup.

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11. Rodrigo Cuba (Peru)

Rodrigo Cuba
Source: Rodrigo Cuba's Instagram account

Rodrigo Cuba, also known as Gato Cuba, is a footballer who currently plays as a right-back for the Peruvian team Universidad San Martín. 

His career has mainly developed in Peruvian football, with a brief stint in Mexico. Off the pitch, Rodrigo shares moments with his family on his social networks, offering his fans a glimpse into his personal life.

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10. Diego Costa (Brazil)

Diego Costa
Source: Diego Costa's Instagram account

Diego da Silva Costa is a professional footballer currently playing as a striker for the Brazilian team Grêmio.

He returned to his home country after several years in Europe, where he played for giants such as Chelsea and Atlético Madrid. He achieved numerous victories with both clubs, including the Premier League with the English team and the UEFA Super Cup with the Spanish club. In 2013, he was named the top scorer in the Copa del Rey.

Costa has dual citizenship, Brazilian and Spanish, and debuted for Spain's national team in 2014.

Check out his Instagram profile.

9. Pity Martínez (Argentina)

Pity Martinez
Source: Pity Martinez's Instagram account

Gonzalo Nicolás Martínez, known as "Pity" Martínez, is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a winger for River Plate.

Martínez began his career with the Argentine team Huracán, where he won the Copa Argentina in 2014. He later joined River Plate and contributed to the team's victories in the Copa Libertadores titles in 2015 and 2018.

In 2018, he was also named the "Best Footballer in the Americas" by the newspaper El País.

Check out his Instagram profile.

8. Ciro “El Búho” Cairo (Argentina)

Ciro “El Búho” Cairo
Source: Ciro Cairo's Instagram account

Ciro "El Búho" Cairo is a boxing prodigy from Villa Devoto, Buenos Aires, and the youngest personality on this list.

At only seven years old, he became a social media sensation for his skills as an amateur boxer.

Ciro has big ambitions: he dreams of becoming a world champion, as he told El Izquierdazo.

Check out his Instagram profile.

7. Lucas Moura (Brazil)

Lucas Moura
Source: Lucas Moura's Instagram account

Lucas Moura is a professional footballer who currently plays as a right winger and centre-forward for São Paulo football club.

His talent attracted attention from European clubs when he started his career with São Paulo. In Europe, he played for Paris Saint-Germain, where he became a key member of the team, as well as for Tottenham Hotspur.

When he rejoined São Paulo in 2023, the Brazilian club won the Copa do Brasil. Moura has also represented his country on multiple occasions, including the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup, where Brazil emerged victorious.

Check out his Instagram profile.

6. Felipe Melo (Brazil)

Felipe Melo
Source: Felipe Melo's Instagram account

Felipe Melo is a professional footballer who currently plays as a defensive midfielder or centre-back for the Brazilian club Fluminense.

Melo has positioned himself as a key player for numerous teams worldwide. He started his journey in Brazil, playing for Flamengo, Cruzeiro, and Grêmio before moving to Europe. There, he played for Spanish and Italian teams, including Mallorca, Racing Santander, Almería in La Liga, Fiorentina, Juventus, and Inter Milan. He also had a stint with the Turkish team Galatasaray.

When he returned to Brazil with Palmeiras, he helped secure many victories for the team, including two Copa Libertadores titles in 2020 and 2021. Melo won the same tournament again in 2023 when he joined Fluminense.

Check out his Instagram profile.

5. Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz (Mexico)

Isaac Jonathan Cruz González
Source: Isaac Cruz's Instagram account

Isaac Jonathan Cruz Gonzalez is a Mexican professional boxer who has become a towering figure in the boxing world. Known for his relentless fighting style, Cruz has earned a reputation as one of the most promising talents in the sport.

In March 2024, "Pitbull" won the World Boxing Association (WBA) super lightweight title, marking a milestone in his career and solidifying his position as a top contender in the lightweight division.

Check out his Instagram profile.

4. James Rodríguez (Colombia)

James Rodríguez
Source: James Rodríguez's Instagram account

James Rodríguez is a professional footballer who currently plays as an attacking midfielder or winger for São Paulo and Colombia's national team.

Rodríguez has become an outstanding player for Colombia and the world. He began his career with his country's club Envigado and then moved to the Argentine team Banfield. In Europe, he played for Porto, AS Monaco, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Everton, and Olympiacos. He also spent two seasons with Al-Rayyan in Qatar.

James Rodríguez made his return to South American football with São Paulo in 2023.

Check out his Instagram profile.

3. Edinson Cavani (Uruguay)

Edinson Cavani
Source: Edinson Cavani's Instagram account

Edinson Cavani, also known as “El Matador” (The Killer), is a renowned professional footballer celebrated as one of the best strikers of his generation and a top goal scorer for Uruguay's national team. Currently, he plays for the Argentine team Boca Juniors.

Cavani began his career with Danubio in Montevideo before moving to Italy’s Palermo in 2007. He then played for Napoli, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United, and Valencia, amassing an impressive trophy collection along the way.

In 2023, Cavani returned to South America to join Boca Juniors. He has garnered numerous accolades throughout his career, including the prestigious Golden Foot Award in 2018.

Check out his Instagram profile.

2. Paolo Guerrero (Peru)

Paolo Guerrero
Source: Paolo Guerrero's Instagram account

Paolo Guerrero is a professional footballer who currently plays as a striker for the Peruvian football club Universidad César Vallejo and Peru's national team.

Guerrero began his career in Europe, where he played for Bayern Munich and Hamburger SV. He then achieved some of his greatest successes in Brazil, representing clubs such as Corinthians, Flamengo, Internacional, and Avaí. Guerrero also had brief stints with Argentina's Racing Club and Ecuador's LDU Quito.

In Peru, he holds the distinction of being the national team's all-time leading goalscorer. Guerrero was also nominated for the 2015 FIFA Ballon d'Or, making history as the first Peruvian to receive such an honour.

Check out his Instagram profile.

1. Gary Medel (Chile)

Gary Medel
Source: Gary Medel's Instagram account

At the top of our list is Chilean professional footballer Gary Medel, who currently stars as a centre-back and defensive midfielder for the Brazilian club Vasco da Gama.

Medel's career has spanned several clubs and countries. In Latin America, he played for Universidad Católica in Chile and Boca Juniors in Argentina. In Europe, he had spells with Sevilla, Cardiff City, Inter Milan, and Bologna. In Turkey, he played for Beşiktaş, one of the country's most successful teams.

Medel has established himself as a key member of the Chilean defence, representing his country at two FIFA World Cups and five Copa Américas. His outstanding performance was crucial in Chile's victory at the 2015 Copa América tournament.

Today, he is one of the most acclaimed figures in Chilean and Latin American football.

Check out his Instagram profile.

This list was created with the help of Hypeauditor and is based on the Audience Quality Score (AQS). In case of a tie between two or more personalities, we used the engagement rate to establish the order. The keywords used in our search were 'athletes' and 'sports' in all Latin American countries. We focused on personalities with more than one million followers.

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